Monday, June 30, 2008


Anwar Ibrahim the so-called supreme advisor to PKR, was reported to be involved in sodomising an aide at a plush apartment in Damansara Heights. This act of sodomy which is against the local laws of Malaysia, is despicable and against Islamic teachings. This act is also condemned by Allah as what had happened to the clan of Lut.

This case of Anwar was reported widely and even picked up by BBC and other western media. Western media are mostly open to this fenomena because of their liberalism. Californian Laws allow gay marriages. American gays are now heading for California to get married. This trend is not new in this era but it is hoped that such liberalism would not encroach on our shores. Neighbouring states are open to this gay culture short off legalising it.

As a so-called leader of PKR, he should be well aware of what we call morality. A good leader should portray sophistry and high intergrity. Unfortunately, this particular leader had violated the norms and values of a good muslim. How can one accept and endorse this weird leader who claims to represent DAP, PAS and PKR? How can they pretend and believe that this leader is an angle? He is a devil eveready to lead his followers to vahalla and great distress.

Political observer suggests that all his followers to repent and follow the true path commanded by Allah.

by: Pemikir Negara

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