Monday, June 30, 2008


Malaysia a very peaceful country. Its people live in harmony and respecful of all laws of the nation. We have a very sound foreign policy and our respect for sovereignity of others is well known, we are member of the OIC and so are Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabian, Lybia, Morocco, Mozambique, Brunei, Egypt and many others.

As a result of police report dated 28th Jun 2008 on sodomy committed by Anwar Ibrahim in Kuala Lumpur, he had taken several wrong steps to 'protect' himself. He and his representatives told the world that there are make beleived threats posed against Anwar. Yesterday, he was reported to be 'hiding' somewhere in KL and subsequently, he took refuge in the Turkish Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.

So many theories abound as to his options to use the Turkish solution. Conjecture aside, to resort seeking refuge in a foreign embassy which is a good friend of Malaysia, is the last thing one should do. This is a cowardly act by a person who called himself a leader. He should stand up and face the charges, instead of running away from it. He should not have any fear if he is absolutely right.

To quote one observer, "Why is he hiding? It will only create a negative perception. Since he claims to be a fighter, he should be brave enough to face the press, and must be willing to sacrifice himself in the fight."

We advise the Turkish Embassy not to listen to the crap of Anwar. As a Islamic country, Turkey has lots of similarities with Malaysia. We seek their wisdoms to comply to the principles of respect for international Laws and sovereignity of nations. We demand that the embassy denies refuge for this irresponsible citizen of Malaysia who has violated our local laws and also wanted for questioning by the authorities.

by: Pemikir Negara

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