Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Turkish Ambassador, Barlas Ozener appeared glum when leaving the Malaysian Foreign Ministry, 30th June 2008.

The Tusrkish Embassy has awakened to the truth that Anwar Ibrahim had fooled H.E The Ambassador and his staff. What really happened was Anwar actually welcomed himself to the embassy. He went there on some pretexts and then cleverly stayed on. He was finally asked to leave the embassy.

We have to beleive what the embassy officials told the press and also our Foreign Ministry that the embassy did not invite Anwar to their premise. Anwar told the world that he was given protection by the embassy. This is a blatant lie and he conjured his words in such a way that he was more less the guest of the ambassador.

Anwar went to great length to support his stories to the crowd which waited for him outside the embassy. And then he left with his wife, the head of the opposition in Parliament. This man is so conceited and conciously prepared to abuse the Turkish Embassy for his narrow and ill intention.

Wira congratulates the Turkish Embassy for being firm and uncompromising in handling this good-for-nothing problem. We like to alert other embassies not to entertain Malaysian citizens who like to use them for negative reasons and this includes the American Embassy.

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