Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Anwar trying to fool his supporters at the entrance of the Turkish Embassy 30th June 2008

Anwar Ibrahim is no longer at the Turkish Embassy. Apparently, Anwar had put conditions before leaving the embassy. According to a press conference, his representative said that his safety is assured. His other demands were that a free judicial body be set up for him. He is prepared to meet the PM to discuss matters of his interest.

Why is he asking all these? Is he that special when compared to other citizens of the country? Is he above the law? There are more questions one can ask. But we should not waste our time trying to be too inquisitive. Suffice that we conclude that this man over-rates himself. He thinks that the public is gullible and therefore can mislead them. Let him know that the Malaysian public is not that shallow and majority are disgusted with what he had done. He should carefully examine his tactics and should not fall into his own trap.

Anwar has being trying hard to convince the rakyat, PKR that what he did was manipulated by some people. His followers have no choice but to beleive him even though some are beginning to have doubts about him. Anwar tried to keep up his momentum to hoodwink his own people and he hopes they will remain faithful to him. It is a matter of time when his own people will begin to disown him and this trend is setting in gradually.

Wira assess thatAnwar's acts to put the wool over the eyes of the people will only make his credibility questionable. He cannot go on lying and insulting the people's intelligence. Wira suggests that the public should stop listening to this comedian who like a child, needs attentions.

by: Pemikir Negara

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