Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Reportedly, USA is following closely the case of Anwar Ibrahim being accused for sodomy of a 23 year old aide who had lodged a police report on 28th June 2008 that he was assaulted and sodomised. The Americans had publicly warned Malaysia not to charge Anwar for his acts.

American interest in Anwar is not new. The bond between Anwar and Washington had blossomed when Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in the 1990s. Hence, it is not surprising if the Americans show great interest in Anwar because they believe that he is their surrogate and also the 'door' to Malaysia and its vast potentials in South East Asia. The Americans gave full marks the way Malaysians run the nation and therefore, keen to forge firmer relations with Kuala Lumpur.

When Anwar as DPM visited Washington, he was accorded a red carpet welcome which was only reserved for Heads of States. This special treatment clearly reflected that Anwar was meant to spearhead latent agendas for the Americans in our region. Anwar was also intimate with IMF or the World Bank which, when needed, could fulfil the financial requirements of the Malaysian treasury and Bank Negara.

The American longranged policies in dealing with underdeveloped and developed nations were well documented. The Americans for example, had 'Americanised' their Latin American neighbours which are endowed with black gold. The Americans had signed long term contracts to coexploite the oil in these countries to the hilt. So much so, these rich countries ultimately became debtors. These unbalanced relations between America and the backyard Latin comrades were welknown for they had brought about untold miseries and economic disasters.

The Americans have their foreign policies geared towards enhancing own economic needs regardless of any backlashes or governmental breakdowns happening in the supplier countries. There have been lots of studies of donor-debtor countries in American universities and political scientists are familiar with some discriminitory applications of the tools of foreign relations.

Wira feels that the Americans' support for Anwar is most unfortunate and unwelcomed. The American are not sensitive to the feelings of majority Malaysians. Their shortsightedness to habour fondness for Anwar is most unacceptable. We hope that their embassy in Jalan U-Thant had submitted an objective report to the State Department. This is important so that it will not give an impression that USA is bent towards undermining Malaysian economic and political positions just for the sake of one man, who has criminal records.

Wisma Putra should summon the American Ambassador for an immediate explanation.

by: Pemikir Negara

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