Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Anwar Ibrahim loves publicity and headlines. He is using the media to promote himself and all the lies about what happened to him in the last few days. The Malaysian media equally likes Anwar and they are giving front pages on anything to do with Anwar. As a result, their sales go up and they make the shareholders very happy.

We thank the media, especially the main newspapers for their highlights which appear to be objective. Their efforts have helped to keep the public informed and majority are beginning to see the light of this case of sodomy by Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar Ibrahim should be satisfied with such media response especially now when the nation is facing other more important issues affecting the citizens and the nation. His acts of sodomy are not that crucial as compared to the needs of all citizens. When the Malaysians are grappling with the issue of oil price hike, Anwar Ibrahim is having good time with his 'partner' at the condo in Damansara Heights.

We understand his personal needs but he as a leader should be more careful and discreet. There is a Malay proverb which says "sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga". Maybe his age is catching up and he is no longer agile like before.

His wife, the leader of opposition in Parliament, is conditionally contented with the words of assurance by the Prime Minister as to the safety of her hubby. It is hoped that his husband would also be decent enough to reciprocate positively to PM's good nature. Anwar should follow a proverb "orang berbudi kita berbahasa".

Wira sincerely would like to advise YB Datin Sri Wan Azizah to calm down his husband not to overwork and overdo things. Maybe he should resign from PKR and do something else for the good of himself and family. Ask him to self-examine and curtail his desires and archaic ambitions to be a leader of this country which upholds Islam as its sole religion.

by: Pemikir Negara

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