Wednesday, July 02, 2008


PKR and supporters are beginning to recover from their senses about their 'beloved' leader who is also advisor to the other components namely, DAP, PAS and PKR. The recent announcement by the police that sodomy had really taken place in Damansara Heights, should be treated with intense interest and seriousness.

It is very strange that PKR leaders who have upheld moral principles and respect for decorum, cannot accept the reality which had befallen on Anwar Ibrahim. They still hold on to conspitorial theories which are mere conjectures. Such behaviour is counter productive and if unchecked, it can escalate into more misunderstandings and confusions within the ranks of PKR.

PKR members should not sit and fold up their hands and allow matters to roll on. They should question their own leaders whether Anwar Ibrahim is worth their support because this involves credibility and intergrity PKR in the eyes of Malaysians who had given their support during the March election.

According to press reports, sodomy acts by Anwar Ibrahim are not new. It is illogical for us to assume that the most recent sodomy charged for the second time, has conspitorial elements. Anwar had slammed the authorities in the same manner when he was charged for sodomy in 1990s. He is doing again this time, perhaps, he is at loss for ideas.

Anwar is caught in his own web and if he is a spiderman, then he can easilly escape. Unfortunately, he continues to pile up more absurdities and silly remarks to the public and particularly the press.

He is so weak now and he has to depend on Washington and the American people to back him. Does he understand that Malaysians and Americans are poles apart? Are the Americans represented in our parliament? Did they vote in our general elections? Where is his honour as Malaysian to surrender his soul and body to Washington which is a good friend of Kuala Lumpur? Wira would like to advise Washington not to twist the hands of the Malaysian government just for the sake of Anwar who had violated the basic laws of Malaysia which is a member of the United Nations.

To PKR members and supporters, do review your support for PKR leaders. Continuing to support a leader who has consciously indulged in immoral, unacceptable and sickly lifestlye is going to be unpopular and disastrous for members who believe in morality and good religous teachings.

by: Pemikir Negara

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