Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The United States State Department said that any legal action "would not be anything that was a politically motivated investigation or prosecution". The Americans are pretty careful in issuing this particular phrase.

The Malaysian Police had classified that the case of Anwar is sodomy. It is, therefore clear that there are no political linkages to the matter. Perhaps, out of courtsey, the Foreign Ministry should provide a copy of the press statement by the police to the American Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. This is not in any way that Malaysia is subservient to Washington but purely to share our dispositions on this case of sodomy involving high profile person whom the Americans have shown great interest for a purpose which puzzle most Malaysians.

We are transparent and this is in line with the government to keep the people abreast on all developments taking place in this country. The Americans may have misunderstood the real life multi-religious and multicultural settings of Malaysia except from what they have gathered from books and documentary films. It is a great pity that the Americans choose to close their eyes not wanting to really know about Malaysia.

It is common knowledge that Anwar likes to cohabit with partners. This is his right and nobody is allowed to show disrespect to his privacy. Malaysia is not ready to impose legislation concerning sex between consenting citizens of legal age in private. For the moment, our Penal Code still categorises sodomy as a criminal offence. Malaysia is not prepared to be like Norway and California allowing same-sex couples to enter into binding partnerships.

We hope that the Americans have begun to understand the problem of Anwar Ibrahim and his sodomy case which is disallowed in Malaysia. What he committed has nothing to do with politics of the day. What happens is that, he is quietly having an affair with a victim who finally decided to logde a police report on his own accord.

Anwar should be regretting with his this shameful act and come to sanity. Perhaps, he would be courageous enough to admit his malpractices and submit to God for His Forgiveness.

by: Pemikir Negara

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